Wedding Bands Launch

It has been one of my biggest focusses this year and one that I was very excited to launch. Wedding bands are one of the most symbolic pieces of jewellery that many of us will wear and one of the key design features for me was the organic textures of the metal and providing something unique and modern that can be worn with your traditional or alternate engagement ring. 


Though the exact origin of 'The wedding band' is unknown, historians primarily believe ancient Egypt started the tradition most like our modern wearing of a wedding band. ... Additionally, Egyptians wore wedding bands on the ring finger of their left hands. They believed this finger held a special vein directly connected to the heart.

The inspiration for these rings as with all my creations was drawn from my experimental experiences with the metals and form. I felt that the granules fused to the wedding bands offer a unique and authentic addition to any engagement ring. The beauty of them is they can compliment an heirloom ring passed through generations to add an element of your own style whilst wearing something traditional. 



The final very important point for me was that they should all be unique. This ring represents your relationship and your love. This ring should be unique to you. All of my Granulation wedding bands are individually hand made using the technique of granulation. No two rings will look the same as no two granules will fuse in the same place. Your ring represents your unique life together. 
If you would like to order a bespoke wedding band, please contact milly  or to see the full wedding band collection, click here